Paper Bows

Paper Bow Template for some super easy gift wrapper crafting, or you could use this same template on some ribbon and make bows to go on ornaments to give to your big or little! Make out of ribbon for a little girls bow.

Book holder for the car :) The pockets were cut to 8x9in. with a felt backing. I made all 4 pockets, then topstitched them onto a 11x30in solid panel of felt (front and back) that was sewn top and sides. I overlapped the pockets about 3 inches. Inserted a piece of cardboard into the solid panel and then finished the last side. Add straps, and done!

DIY Car Travel Book Storage For You And Your Kid. Could perhaps make it with a bottle holder and treat pocket etc.


Farewell letter from

DIY - Cookie Bag Labels + Recipe - Free PDF Tutorial I like the packaging, it can be used for so many things.

How to print on a paper bag!

printed paper bag tutorial

printed paper bag tutorial run lunch bags thru your printer--cute for back to school gifts or Christmas

Bird tags.

Wrapping Make a simple wrapping paper really pop using colorful gift tags… I think these bird ones are perfect! Cut bird shape, a wing and use a button to keep them together with cording.

great idea!

Chicken Wrapping

kids parties ~ Barnyard themed party favor bags or just for a fun gift!

Egg Box Sewing Kit.

Une boîte à couture dans une boîte à œufs

Sweet gift idea to make. Egg box sewing kit complete with little pin cushion! Notions etc, Fill up with anything!


Party favor bags ~ so simple & so pretty! Could be used for Valentine's Day too. Great DIY gift wrap idea for small package.


seagulls mobile This is great for a nautical themed porch, sun room, or guest room.

Ribbon Bookmark

get crafty with hair ties! Ribbon + button + hair tie = bookmark that won't fall out!

Beaded gift wraps

Gift Wrap Series Beaded Wrapping Paper Personalize Gift wrap, quick and easy! Kids love making bead necklaces and kids over wearing .

Organize sem Frescuras | Rafaela Oliveira » Arquivos » Faça você mesmo – embalagens de presentes criativas, baratinhas e lindas

Faça você mesmo – embalagens de presentes criativas, baratinhas e lindas

Gift bags made from newspaper?Nah I don't care about making the gift bag but you might and that is cool. I will buy some colored bags, but I like the doily idea on top. Cute treat bags or holiday gift bags.


Suitcase Knitting and Sewing Kit - this would be a perfect gift to make for a knitter/crocheter friend! Find an old, cute suitcase, coat/paint the inside as needed, add something to store craft tools, and maybe throw in some yarns too.