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some candles are sitting on a table next to matches and a matchbox with two matches
The sale of these candles makes a real difference to the lives of many Dalit children who would otherwise receive no education, or have a safe and loving place to live.
a glass jar filled with lots of pink stuff
Vela cerebral
Bem Legaus!: Vela cerebral
Magia Do Urso — ╰─ ⊱⋅ Welcome ⋅⊰... Witches, Alchemy, Wicca, Witch House, Witchy Decor, Witch Decor, Pagan Decor, Cauldron
Magia Do Urso — ╰─ ⊱⋅ Welcome ⋅⊰...
the instructions to make a concrete planter for succulents and other plants
Zement gibt deiner Einrichtung einen modernen Look! 14 DIY Ideen mit Zement
Beton DIY
three different views of a shelf with books on it, and the bottom one has a plant growing out of it
Diy Beauty Banq
DIY Square Hanging Planter
several different pictures of masks and vases on a shelf with plants in them,
9 Artesanatos com Garrafa PET (incríveis) para Você fazer em Casa - artesanato.com
Abajur de corujas PET Mais
three different pictures showing the process of making a basket
Diy Beauty Banq
Four easy-to-find materials are all you need to make this pretty braided planter. #DIY
there are several pictures showing how to use kitchen utensils in the bedroom and on the bed
Decorando com Pregos e Linha | Remobília com Patricia Melo
DIY Rope Headboard...
a bulldog sitting in between several cactus pillows
Cactus Pillows by Napkin Apocalypse
five pillows are lined up in front of a white wall with mountains on the side
Three Bad Seeds #handcraft #handmade #upcycling
some crafting supplies are laying out on a table with scissors and paper cutters
Dala horse print by Andrea Lauren.