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Cupcakes Accents from Susan Winget

- Cupcakes Accents from Susan Winget, Use this decorative artwork to dress up classroom walls and doors, label bins and desks, or accent bulletin boa.

Peces con conchas de mar

Do something fun with found seashells, like turning them into Tropical Shell Fish. Beach themed crafts are perfect for the hot months when you need to spend some time out of the sun. Summer craft ideas like this are fun to do in the winter.

Tetera y taza

There are devotionals that you may use at your women's meetings, articles on Women's Ministry, theme ideas for planning, and a variety of practical tips and creative ideas that you can make use of in your local church Women's Ministry.

Vectorial Imágenes de helados

A collection of four beautiful vector food clip art sets with tasty dishes, pastries, chocolate sweets and ice-cream images.