Globular cluster

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“Nos creemos tan importantes y no nos damos cuenta que en el universo somos insignificantes....”

Heck Yeah Galaxies

NGC 2442, The Meathook galaxy.


Most of us spend a lot of time in our households, so we understand it pretty well. This great measure of awareness means that we would quite often see when an object demands fixing or changing. Do you...


Jupiter from the surface of Europa

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“#Space: the unrivaled whirlpool #galaxy (M51) and its companion NGC 5195 via #StellarIndulgence”

Billions and Billions

M 81 (Bode’s Galaxy), M 82 (Cigar Galaxy) and part of IFN, Messier 81 (Bode’s Galaxy or NGC 3031) and Messier 82 (Cigar Galaxy or NGC 3034) are respectively spiral and starburst galaxy about 12...

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Billions and Billions

M51 Hubble Credit: NASA/Hubble, color/effects thedemon-hauntedworld

max worm hole

Worm Hole 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital 3D models for visualization, films, television, and games.

APOD: 2014 January 19 - Spiral Galaxies in Collision

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Billions and Billions



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telescope telescope


The Kingdom Descends on the World

Gospel Choir Song "Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon the World" | Full Preview The stirring kingdom anthem has rung out, announcing God's arrival among

The Giza Pyramids Orion Alien Correlation Theory

The Giza Pyramid based on Buaval's Orion Correlation Theory and the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis claiming the Giza Pyramid is Alien in origin