"Death Note" (My rating: 6) High schooler becomes serial killer who kills criminals and then goes insane. And there's a Shinigami who likes apples for some reason.

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This World Is Rotten - A Love Note To Death -Death Note

This World Is Rotten - A Love Note To Death

"This World is Rotten" by Bocaci I’ll do it! Using the death note, I’ll change the world! Inspired by Ryuk of Death Note

It's my favorite chibi L ^^ By ゆと

Naaaah L, baaaabe, you're so cute! Whyy are you doing this to me? I can't marry you if you look this cute 😍 - Light

L from death note...my favorite. Near was good, and Mello was okay in the end, but L was by far my favorite.

L, he's always hungry. I will bake him a cake-or 10 (Favorite Cake Cinnamon Rolls)

DEATH NOTE • L Lawliet || I thought at first that sign on the right was a fly. Gosh. Really. Need. New. Glasses.

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Death Note-I am GOD! by HollowCN on DeviantArt

Ryuk is a Shinigami and the deuteragonist in the anime/manga series Death Note.