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an image of a cartoon character and a cat in the woods with green hair, dressed as tinkerbells
we live we love we lie🗣️💯💥🗣️
a man holding up a box with an anime character on it
the comic strip shows two people talking to each other
a man kneeling down next to another man with signs on his face and the words why does it happen?
an image of two people in cartoon style
two comic panels one with pink hair and the other with red hair pointing at something
a drawing of a woman with green hair and glasses sitting on the floor in front of a wall
an anime character with black hair and no shirt on, holding her hands up in the air
a woman with sunglasses and a scarf on her head is posing for the camera in front of a pink background
a digital painting of a woman with green lines on her face and hands behind her head
a woman with green hair pointing at something