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the wall is painted with black and white leaves on it, along with an orange circle
Art deco wall painting
#artdeco #design #walldecoration #wallpaintingdesigns #beige #retro #70s
a barber shop with chairs and pictures on the wall
black and white wall mural with the words you be you on it
Christy Cole | Yoga | Explore on Instagram: "“Think about the people you love. ***Think about those you admire, or are inspired by…. * * Think on those people. ***And name 5 things you like about them… * * You might think of their kindness. **You may think of their talents. **You may think of how they make you feel when they're around you. **You might even say you love their smile, or their words. **Or how they make you laugh. **Or hug you in all the right ways. * * You might notice— rarely does