Flowering chairs | A Tulip Seat for Public Spaces, in Holland // tilt the design 90degrees to prevent wet seats and add lights under seats to double as ambient light source

Creatieve tulp-stoelen in Eindhoven. Tulip chairs in the Netherlands. ingenious outdoor chairs for the public - tulip flip chairs

New Super Sustainable Seating for Public Interiors IOU [I owe you] by Green Furniture Concept

Architects: Benedetta Tagliabue, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT   OPEN SPACE IN HAFENCITY, HAMBURG GERMANY

Innovative street furniture on display in this open space in Hafencity, Hamburg, Germany The LA Team

Origami Forum by ModelArt Studio furniture 2

Origami Forum Seating with ModelArt Studio - Sculptural Seating Unit Inspired Decorations Home - Furnitures - Decors Home