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four spoons are shown in black and white
Vintage Spoons Clipart Image
I absolutely love the decorative patterns on these vintage spoons! These are another clip art image sourced from a late 1800's product catalog. Feel free to use them in your craft projects. Ther...
two birds sitting on top of a nest in the middle of flowers and leaves,
Working on a few projects!!
an old black and white photo of two young boys in hats standing next to each other
Living Dolls
Living Dolls
two birds sitting on top of a tree branch next to each other with their beaks touching
Zdjęcia na ścianie społeczności – 59,048 zdjęć
four birds sitting on top of a branch next to a sign that says hotel burddy
Pin by Kay Faulkner on Shadow box | Bird printables, Free vintage printables, Vintage printables
sweet Portrait, Harold, Historical Photos, Antique Photos
Full Circle 53
Childrens Photos, Vintage Children, Childrens Clothes, Primitives, Vintage Postcards
Vintage Children
an old black and white photo of a baby crying
an old photo of a little boy sitting on a bench
Love this shy photo and have always thought it was of Bob. But could it be one of his son Scott. Maybe the clothes could tell whether it is from 1933 or 1956?