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Banksy #street art #graffiti

Banksy: Street West in Lancaster, California, Beautifully done and I saw the artist and a girl working on it. City workers painted over it within days. I have a picture of it. I will post it soon. I had no idea it was the elusive Banksy, it was amazing.


Banksy / the creative adult is the child who survived. I like this because every one has a inner child Andy calderon


Red Riding Hood in Chucks. I have a thing for the iconic image of Little Red Riding Hood.

street art

Very symbolic of the ballocks that being a wageslave is all about - was chilled…

street art

Street artist Smates turns an overpass into a shark tank in Brussels, Belgium. This is a beautiful (and a little terrifying) example of the transformative power of street art. It's amazing how realistic this looks!

Street art/Graffiti inspiration gefunden auf gepinned von der Hamburger Werbeagentur BlickeDeeler >>>

More amazing street art

This piece of illustration street art from Bristol Centre is called, Snik mural on Hotwells Road. You can give this piece a rating out of five as well as see where it is located in Bristol by clicking the 'See on map' link

São Paulo, Brazil Pay Phone...snazzy!

Call Parade on the Streets of São Paulo Photo by Mariane Borgomani / Wally Gobetz, artist unknown

street art by Clet in France

As placas de trânsito ficam mais divertidas com a intervenção desse artista