virtual art gallery
On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Side Butchery by farmrun. The first episode in the instructional web-series from Farmrun and Farmstead Meatsmith, in which we demonstrate how to butcher one side of pork.
On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Harvest Day by farmrun. The second episode in an instructional series from Farmrun and Farmstead Meatsmith in which we explore the economics of eating animals.
native american portraits
tree attack
desert at night
Michelangelo, Dying Slave, Louvre
An Early Short Story from Wes Anderson
dont get your arm stuck!

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The Wellgro Co logo designed by Gold Lunch Box
Full Brushed Alphabet Type by Sam Stratton for Focus Lab
Hipster Logo
RoAndCordials 瓶子標籤設計 | MyDesy 淘靈感
Designer: Peter Bacallao - of Whiskey and Branding
New Logo and Identity for Gotham Writers by Hyperakt
Because It's Awesome: type tuesday || sita murt