I love how Connie just goes back to sleep, but seeing as the hearts turn "aggressive" I'm sure he'll be awoken again...

Awww Jean x Marco -- Eren x Armin -- Reiner x Bertholdt -- and poor Connie

Aot body pillow

eren pillows Attack on titan I love all their designs but I LOVE Levi's design the best. And I love the fact that It looks like Levi, Hanji, and Mikasa want body pillows with their designs. Am I wrong?

maurício ta passando dos limites...

Isso ai tem duplo sentido cara, e ta mas pro lado ruim.

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Ru nãoacredito que levei um século pra desvendar.

I will never ship these two, but this is awesome! I can totally see her doing that. Also, Sai looks terrifying.

Naruto Shippuuden "Sai wasn't drawing Ino he was drawing the trash can, she should of ask What he's drawing of !